Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A visit to National Science Centre@ Delhi

Apart from the visits to historical places, students have also visited the National science Centre @ New Delhi.
Constructed in 8 floors, this museum houses working science exhibition as well as exhibits on the history of architecture. It has various sections for all age groups such as Heritage & Dinosaur gallery, Human Biology gallery, Fun Science Library etc. There are also a number of hands-on displays explaining the laws of physics.
The gallery then unfolds with a plethora of exhibits that cover various issues related to water. How much of it is available on our planet and what percentage of it is potable and in what form is water available on the Earth are some of the issues that are dealt with in the exhibition. The Gallery has generated huge interest among the students who eagerly checked the water content in their body and various organs like brain, liver, and muscles tec.
The gallery on the first floor portrays the march of Information Revolution - from cave paintings to the Internet. The story of evolution of Communication Technology over past 6000 years in India
The next Gallery is Fun Science. This gallery is most liked by the younger visitors because this is full of hands-on exhibits explaining the fundamentals of science. Science has always been a subject which has been dealt with a lot of seriousness in schools. 
It is a must visit and was enjoyed by each one of us.


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