Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Yoga Kaushal Pradarshan @ Einstein Campus

Yoga kaushal for grads IV & V was organized on 23rd September at Einstein Campus. It was very well organized and choreographed event right from the word go. The event started with lighting of the lamp by HM Ms. Shubhangi.
It was followed by prayer by the students. Surya Namaskar is a yogic way of saluting Sun god. It comprises of a chain of 12 asanas which are practiced in a rhythmic manner.
It was followed by classical asanas like Ushtra asana, Kapota asana, Ardhachandra asana, Dhanur asana, Chakra asana and so on.
It was a very well synchronized event with students displaying yogic asanas in a calm and composed manner. The weather too was right for the occasion and parents appreciated the efforts of the yoga teacher and of course students who put up such a wonderful show.

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