Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Shriyan’s travel into the Time!

An experience of a Grade II A student.
We went to a Planetarium as a part of our school field trip.
Though the journey was long, I still had fun with my friends and also the movie that was playing in the bus was interesting.
When we reached the Planetarium, I saw models of rockets and a galaxy in the corridor.
When I entered in the main Planetarium hall, I felt amazing and excited because of the size of the hall and the very big screen on the roof.

When the show got started all the lights were turned off, and there were lots of stars on the screen. It felt as if I am watching a night sky.
They showed us the history of the universe, the Big Bang theory and the future/end of the universe. Different constellations of stars - Orion, Signus, the Great bear and Leo.
They also showed us how the Sun will end its life. When I was watching the show, I felt as if I am in the Outer Space and moving with the stars. It was amazing!
Finally show came to an end and I came back to Earth!
My Class teacher Deepa ma'am took lots of our pictures on the way to the Planetarium. I was very happy with this trip, I will never forget this field trip.
I think all the children in this world should visit Planetarium at least once.
Sai Shriyans  


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