Thursday, September 18, 2014

Real vs Imaginary...

Grade IIB started their new unit in English about Fiction and non-fiction.  The new topic in English was revealed to the children in our school library. Thanks to Ms.Vrishali Damera our school librarian for making the activity interesting. She had given kids different kinds of books and they had to browse through  them racing with a timer. Once done, she had a quiz for the children. Ms. Vrishali asked children, to show the books while answering her questions such as  a book with a character, a book with information of space, a book with news about a country, a book with moral stories etc. Children were on their toes and answered all the questions with lots of enthusiasm.  This activity helped them to differentiate between the two kinds of book they read which is Fiction and Non-fiction. As an extension to Ms. Vrishali’s activity we had two student volunteers from grade 7 who explained the different features of both the books.
Overall, it was a great learning experience from our library where we have plenty of  interesting resources for our kids to learn. 


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