Tuesday, September 9, 2014

PYP Cultural showcase @ Einstein Campus

Learning is such a beautiful experience and at Oakridge it gives the students an exposure to learn so many more things other than studies.
Cultural showcases are a great way to express ourselves but also to share our learning with others.
On September 6, 2014, the students of Grades 4 A & 5A, Einstein Campus held an event on ‘Cultural show’. The event was organized to showcase the learning in the activities of our children in synchronous with their unit that has gone by.
The children of Grade 4 A enacted a story to show ‘Energy’, some songs in regional languages. The children of Grade 5 A presented a skit on making a balanced organization for effective work. The parents were happy and excited to see their little ones performing in front of such an elite audience! The children were given a platform to enhance their confidence, body language and clarity in speech while presenting.
Students of grade VA presented a beautiful dance depicting the social cause of girl child abuse. The program continued with a peppy Rajasthani number.
Not to forget the teachers whose contribution and creativity lead to a successful and fun-filled event as this! 


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