Thursday, September 25, 2014

PP1 heads to Zoo for a Field Trip

Goggles- Check
Caps- Check
Bags – Check
Happiness – Overloaded.
The day was filled with lots of excitement and adventure as our tiny ones of PP1 were taken to a Zoo for a field trip in connection to their theme of the month ‘Animals’.
Children were very happy to visit the zoo as they got to see many wild animals like lion, tiger, cheetah, elephant, giraffe and many more. It was a treat to watch all of them exploring the zoo.
The day ended with big smiles on everybody’s face as they return back with a beautiful memory to cherish.
Special thanks to our lovely parents Sweta Pandya Mam and Priyata Shrivastava Mam who have accompanied us for the trip. Their presence made the day even more joyful. It was a pleasure to have them. 




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