Monday, September 22, 2014


“Organize”- the word may sound little scary for many of us. In the current world filled with agility organize has its own set of advantages. It is the very essential element in our current life. Organizing skills, play a very important role in all walks of life. Young minds have to be groomed on their organizing skills as early as possible, to inculcate that in the minds of our kids we have our CAS program.
As part of it Mr. Jeevan Reddy and Mrs. Swetha Reddy, parents of Dhruva gave a guest lecture on the topic “How to organize ourselves in public and at home”. The session started with a presentation followed by stories through which the kids were introduced to the importance of being organized. Finally kids had a fun filled group activity where they had to sequence the activity cards.
The session was very fruitful and the kids thoroughly enjoyed the session.


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