Thursday, September 18, 2014

Mayank Dey’s paper strip fraction!

To have a better understanding on the concept of fractions, we were given a task on how to make fractions using paper strips.
To start, our teacher gave a rectangular sheet to each one of us. We made a square out of this paper by first folding it to make a triangle and cut this off from the bottom portion. With this we had one square and one rectangle.
Then we folded the top square part along the center to make it into a half. We wrote the number fraction “½” and under that we wrote “Half” in words. We pasted the two Half sheets in a color sheet and wrote 1 Whole beside this.
Now, we took the bottom rectangle part from the first step and made a square out of it again. This time, we folded the square two times and made four equal parts. To each of them, we wrote “1/4”, under that “Quarter” in words. We pasted all these cut parts in our color sheet and wrote 1 whole beside it.
Later, Sharon Ma’am gave us a strip and told us to fold it in 8 parts and color alternate parts. Then she told us to frame a question about it. So Vishesh from our class volunteered the question and answer too.
Question: What is the fraction of the shaded part?
Answer: The fraction of the shaded part is '4/8'.
Then our Ma’am explained about the denominator and numerator in the fraction. She said the denominator shows the number of total parts, i.e. 8. And numerator shows the number of shaded parts, i.e. 4.
It was a fun learning activity. I liked it because we got to cut, fold, paste and write to learn fractions!
Mayank Dey of 4A


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