Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Home which Home!

A field trip for Grade 1A for the Inquiry ‘Homes’ was organised and the children  visited  their friend Hrithik's house to understand the different types of houses .
 During our visit, Hrithik explained his friends about different types of houses and then he placed those houses on the world map on the places they are found. Hrithik's parents made different models of houses which made the children understand better.  The children had a hands on experience when they were made to make toy houses using different textured materials. They then tried to locate those types of houses in different places using Globe.
 Later, they were shown pictures of different types of houses on TV and Hrithik’s parents discussed on the materials used to construct such kind of houses and also the need to use those materials.
Overall, the visit turned out to be an educational trip to gain further knowledge on our theme ‘Homes’.

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