Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hindi Day Report

Hindi Day was conducted in Oakridge International School-Einstein campus on 3rd September 2014. Hindi day was planned in an excellent manner by Hindi, Head of Department Mrs. Rama Sharma along with her team and students. The assembly was conducted in Hindi as a medium of communication. Teachers along with the participants of the show were dressed in Traditional Indian wear. The participants of the show were, Anish Panwalkar of grade 10A (CBSE), Sanjog Sandhu of grade 10A (CBSE), Aayushi grade, Anshika, Aaheli Jana of grade 9C (CBSE) and the choir group.
The show was hosted by Anish Panwalkar. Aayushi conducted the Morning Prayer in Hindi which truly peaceful. Later the choir sang the song ‘Ae Malik Tere Bandhe Hum’. The song was followed by the thought of the day, which was spoken by Anshika. Followed by the thought of the day was Aaheli Jana’s speech, who expressed her thought on Hindi. Sanjog Sandhu told the Indian Pledge in Hindi.
A Prize distribution ceremony was conducted, after the special events were concluded, which honored the participants as well as the winner of the Hindi ‘Vigyapa’ and ‘Avibhashan pratiyogita’ which. The participants were Sanjog Sandhu, Anish Panwalkar, Anshika Singh and Aaheli Jana. From the above listed participants, Sanjog Sandhu won the 3rd prize.
Vote of thanks was given by Anish Panwalkar. The show was a grand hit and very successful.
-Anish Panwalkar

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