Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Guest Lecture by Ms Anuleena and Ms Anuneela, mother of Ishya and Nishika, PPIIC

Ms Anuleena and Anuneela, mother of Ishya and Nishika were kind enough to come to guest lecture on 16th September on the ongoing theme of Seasons. It was an AMAZING  and MEMORABLE experience for the children and myself as a teacher. They explained the theme with the PPT presentation, showing the pictures of clothes that we wear, the food that we eat, things that we do in different seasons, which was very informative and effective for  a child to REMEMBER and RELATE TO. Ishya, Lasya and Nishika were dressed according to summer, winter and rainy seasons to explain the concept further.
They also got ICE CREAM CONES made of chart paper and cotton for all the kids to color as an ACTIVITY for the favorite food in summers. The children enjoyed coloring it, with their favorite ice cream colors- strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, black-current, As imagined they could be! Not to miss the special cherry topping done by kids.
They created a worksheet on seasons for all the children to enhance the understanding further.
There are no words enough to thank them for sparing their precious time and preparing such a wonderful session



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