Monday, September 22, 2014

From New moon to Full moon!

As part of our ongoing inquiry on the Earth’s cycles and movements, Grade II A had an interesting and inquisitive guest lecture by Ms Srilakshmi, our primary school faculty.
The session began with a well thought activity wherein the children were grouped to solve puzzles on the different shapes of the moon. Though the children have seen these different shapes that the moon takes every night, they began to show curiosity as to how these can happen.
The guest then showed them a video on how the moon revolves around the Earth and that the sunlight causes the moon take the various shapes that we see.  Later the children were explained by the drawings on the board depicting the eight phases of the moon.
A follow-up activity using Oreo biscuits was an instant hit as the kids scooped out the cream in the middle little by little thus manipulating the various phases of the moon.
The session not only made the children curious and creative, but also enhanced their knowledge of the phase of the new moon to the full moon!

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