Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Detect the Word Problem

The concept of “Word Problems” is one of the biggest fears primary graders have. To minimize this, a guest lecture was arranged for 4B and 4C wherein Mrs. Ruchi Tewari, had explained a wonderful strategy to solve them.
It started off with an interested icebreaker, clapping pattern. To make them comfortable with the concept she asked them to imagine themselves as detectives. The relationship between detectives solving a mystery to children solving a word problem using the clues was explained. A related PPT was shown in which a strategy called CUBES was discussed.
C – Circle the numbers
U – Underline the question asked
B – Box the clue words
E – Eliminate the unnecessary information
S – Solve and Check
Later a worksheet with one word problem was solved by the children using the strategy CUBES. They solved it with great enthusiasm. A big “Thank you” card with all the reflections was given to the guest. It ended with the guest, giving away the September months “Spell Bee Certificates” to the winners. Overall it was a truly amazing, interactive and knowledgeable session.

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