Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A visual trip to Ivory Coast

Grade IA had a guest lecture by Mr Isaac, a citizen of Ivory Coast, in connection with our inquiry on ‘homes reflect family values and local cultures’.
During the session, he explained the children about the culture his family follows, the values they believe in and the festivals they celebrate. He also showed them the pictures of Soko village and told them about the Soko's sacred monkeys.
He then discussed about a festival they celebrate once for every 15 to 20 years in which the people living in that village wear the same type of costume.  
Children enjoyed the session, thanks to Mr Isaac who made the children aware of many interesting things on the culture and values of Ivory Coast.  
Student reflection:
Bhriti-Your flag is like our Indian flag with the same tricolor.
Lakshit-In which type of house do you live?
Hrithik:  Why the people are wearing the same dress in that dance, is it the uniform for them.



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