Friday, September 19, 2014

A learner's origami profile!

I feel that learning to make new things is very amusing. Our amusement was best felt when we learnt how to make an origami fish. Our teacher gave us each an A4 size paper out of which we made a square. Then she demonstrated the making of the fish step by step and we followed her. It was a wonderful experience to make my first ever origami object. After that we wrote our name and a few other details on the fish. This was used as the ‘learner profile’ reflection to display on our board. It was thoroughly entertaining and we got a glimpse into the vast world of origami.
We also developed attitudes in the process like creativity and enthusiasm. We were also good listeners as we paid attention to our teacher while she was demonstrating. I hope we have such activities all throughout the year and I also thank Sharon Ma’am for making us learn something new.  ~Kaushal (IV-A)



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