Friday, September 19, 2014

A Guest Lecture that was well connected!!!

Grade 3 A had a wonderful interactive session once again by Ms Bhagya, our science faculty, in connection with the ongoing unit "Human Body Systems".
It was an informative session as students were involved in an activity and started the discussion with a question "what are the systems that worked during cycling activity?" The lecturing was quiet interactive and energetic as children involved themselves in identifying the function and connection among the systems in our body and also the children enjoyed the one minute game to rearrange the parts of Human Torso .
Some of the Student Reflections:
·  I liked the activity and enjoyed the class very much.
·  It was very nice and got to know that our body systems are interdependent.
·  We developed thinking skills as we had to think about how the different body systems are inter connected.
·  I loved the one minute game and understood that all our body systems will work together.





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