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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

PP 2 B collaborated- A Tree Through Seasons

Children  of PP 2 B collaborated to create a four-season display that illustrates the life cycle  of an apple tree.
Winter: Children did thumb paint branches with a watered-down mixture of water and white glue to create a frosty, wintry look.
Spring: Children dipped  the flower  mold  and  made prints on the tree to make blossoms. .
Summer: Children pasted  cut out of small red apples  to the tree.
Autumn: Children pasted cut out of  yellow leaves  to represent changing autumn leaves.

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Monday, September 29, 2014

From Mexico to India!

In connection with our unit of Inquiry-homes reflect cultural influence and local conditions, Grade IA kids had a guest lecture where they had an insight into the Mexican culture. Ms Citali, from Mexico (a Spanish Teacher) explained them their culture by showing them the pictures of the festivals they celebrate, the food they eat, the type of dresses they wear, the values they believe in. She also discussed about the different types of houses they have in their country and the need  and the reason for such different structures.
Student's Questions:
Which language do you speak there?
How will be the climate there?
Do you like India?
Overall the session was interesting and interactive where children learnt about Mexican culture and they were even trying to find connections with the Indian culture!

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Healthy Food and Junk Food

Students of Class II C had a guest lecture by Mrs Amritha Dutta on Healthy food and Junk Food. She explained about the effect of junk food and their results through an activity.
Children understood the concept and realized the necessity of healthy food. Mrs Amritha  extended her class with an activity by the children  .At the end she assessed  the children through a work sheet.

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Animals- Presentation at grade II B

Grade IIB had a unit assessment this week. They had to present their topic through the presentation. The children were all excited to share their learning through peat, chard and other manipulative. Children were well prepared and showed great enthusiasm. Some shared interesting facts, while some fascinating pictures and some shared videos for more excitement. They were assessed using a rubric.
As their class teacher it made me really proud to see them present to their friends with great confidence and poise.

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Friday, September 26, 2014

PP2 B here we Twirl and Clap on Bathukamma Festival

The BATHUKAMMA festival or Panduga is one of the most unique festivals of Andhra Pradesh especially of Telangana region celebrated mainly by the women. We PP 2 B twirled and clapped while we go round and round the Bathukamma which is beautifully arranged with different colors and varieties of flowers.

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This is how we respire!

In connection with our unit of inquiry "Human body systems" Ms Sunitha, parent of Zara from grade 3A had volunteered to support and help children to understand the process of the Respiratory System through a manipulative that was made using balloons, straws and a plastic bottle. It proved that children can easily connect with the concept through experiential learning than by a mere theory.
The PPT presentation made the session interesting. She concentrated her discussion on what we eat, what we drink and what we make along with the consequences of choices made. In all, it was an informative and interactive session. 
We would like to thank Ms Sunitha for the valuable time she shared with us amidst her busy schedule.

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Grade V A in HACA Bhavan!!

In connection to our ongoing unit “The Government systems influence the lives of citizens” we, the students of grade V, A, went on a field trip to Hyderabad Agriculture Co-operative Association (HACA Bhavan) and met Mr. James, the Managing Director, Irrigation Department.
Student's reflection- Pradyumana
We discussed with him the role and responsibilities of government. We also discussed on how government brings a change in the lives of poor farmers by providing good quality seeds, fertilizers and latest techniques of irrigation facilities at subsidized rates.
Aarya- It was a good learning experience.
He told us about the role of Gram Panchayats in the development of villages.
We asked many questions and he patiently answered all our doubts.

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

PP1 heads to Zoo for a Field Trip

Goggles- Check
Caps- Check
Bags – Check
Happiness – Overloaded.
The day was filled with lots of excitement and adventure as our tiny ones of PP1 were taken to a Zoo for a field trip in connection to their theme of the month ‘Animals’.
Children were very happy to visit the zoo as they got to see many wild animals like lion, tiger, cheetah, elephant, giraffe and many more. It was a treat to watch all of them exploring the zoo.
The day ended with big smiles on everybody’s face as they return back with a beautiful memory to cherish.
Special thanks to our lovely parents Sweta Pandya Mam and Priyata Shrivastava Mam who have accompanied us for the trip. Their presence made the day even more joyful. It was a pleasure to have them. 




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Beyond The Classroom

Field trips motivates children to learn from new experiences.
Environmental awareness also occurs as children see, hear and feel new things.
Off to the BOTANICAL GARDEN...  We (PP2 B) go to learn about plants and how they get what they need from their environment. The bus ride alone was very exciting!! For the kids with caps and  colorful shades. While there, they take a walk and observe and explore the garden and discover different types of roots and leaves   and learnt   how they help the plant grow and survive. The kids  discovered the different types of plants and Trees like Aquatic, Wild, and Flowering Plants. Children picked few dried leaves to show their creations for the Hands on Activity.
Kids enjoyed sharing the snacks with each other and had loads of fun with memories back to school.


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