Friday, August 8, 2014

Surprise Guest lecture!: Grade IIIA

Today i.e. on 28th July, grade IIIA had a surprise visit by Ms Agnija, who is from Europe and is here in India to meet her friends and conduct her research work. We had an exciting and inquiry based talk as she is and extensive traveler who traveled around 35 countries in the world! The perfect person to discuss migration!!
The kids were totally excited and showered her with lot many questions. Some of the questions were asked:
Sravya: What type of food do you eat in Latvia
Hasini: What are the places that you visited around the world?
Zara: What type of clothes do you wear in Latvia?
Tanisha: What is that you like about India?
Hrithwik: What made you to visit India?
We really thank her for giving us time and answering all the queries with a pleasant smile.
Agnija's reflection: I was absolutely thrilled to give a guest lecture in 3A. The kids showered me with lots of questions and I could feel their interest in learning. The time passed and I hope we will get a chance to have more sessions in the future. Very passionate, active and motivated kids.


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