Monday, August 18, 2014

Spell bee- GRADE E

At Oakridge to encourage students to improve their vocabulary and spellings a Spell Bee contest was introduced. The objective is to help the students to learn to spell words quickly, accurately and to provide an opportunity for the students to meet and compete with their peers in an atmosphere of fun and friendship.
The spell bee competition for grade 1 E for the month of July happened on Aug 6th, 2014.
The spell bee word list was shared with the kids. They were taught to read and spell these as part of the Student Development Program (SDP).
Kids had two rounds of the competition. First was a written dictation followed by the second round which was unscrambled words.
The kids eagerly waited for the day. They enthusiastically took part in the first round and 13 kids moved to the second level. In the second level 12 kids were able to unscramble and emerged as winners.
All the little bees were buzzing happily with their fun filled spelling competition.

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