Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Bus Stop Activity – Identify the punctuation marks and define each of them.
Our teacher organized “BUS STOP ACTIVITY” for us in Grade IV A. The activity was basically aimed at,
·        Understanding and Exploring the “Concept of Punctuation”.

·        Communicating and comparing the rules of various “Punctuation Marks”.
We were grouped together into seven different GROUPS. Each GROUP was required to write down the various rules of the allotted “Punctuation Mark”, (with examples) on the chart. Once all the GROUPS have completed this, the GROUPS were required to shift places with their adjacent GROUP. The GROUPS were then asked to critically analyze and comment on the chart prepared by other GROUP.
Upon completion of the above TASK, the comments of each GROUP were assessed. Our students participated actively throughout the various stages of this exercise. The task which involved commenting on the chart of other GROUP developed us as a critical thinker.
I loved the activity very much and we learnt a lot by sharing with everyone.
Raivath Mallela -4 A



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