Thursday, August 21, 2014

Presenting a story!

So as to exhibit their understanding of the learning of the Unit of Inquiry, the children of Grade IA presented their stories using various forms of storytelling.
The different forms in which they presented the stories were:
Hrithik- Presented his story using a painting and some props.
Nilesh - Presented his story using some toys and explained the purpose of the story.
Brithi- Created her own story and presented it to her friends using a doll puppet, and an ant which she made using a glove and a leaf made up of paper.
Krishv- Explained his story using a story book and the pictures in it.
Ishaan- Presented his story using a toy.
The other kids in the class presented their understanding to their friends by drawing pictures of the characters and the setting of the story.
Overall, the kids performed very well, which showed their understanding of the unit.



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