Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Plan your diet!

Grades II A had a field trip to Eesha Multi specialty hospital at Somajiguda in connection with the reflection of our Unit of Inquiry- Making balanced choices in daily routine help to lead a healthy lifestyle. The children had an interactive session with a dietitian, with the support of Dr Lavanya, a parent of Grade IV A student.
In order to quench their thirst for knowledge, the children asked many a questions on the dietary topic to which the dietician answered with utmost patience. Some of the questions asked by the children were:
Shreyans: Which food group should be included more during dinner time?
Hasitha: Why should we eat more fruits and vegetables in our daily diet?
Armaan: Which fruit gives more energy?
Rene: Should we brush every time we eat food?
The dietitian enriched them with the following points:
Vitamins and minerals present in fruits are micro nutrients and carbohydrates, proteins and fats present in vegetables and meat are macro nutrients. The combination of these makes a healthy diet.
Later we appreciated Dr Lavanya and her team for their wonderful support and time given to us amidst their busy schedule. The children reflected on their learning from the trip by filling in their field trip report the following day.

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