Friday, August 8, 2014

Newton campus to USA

"No matter how practical or logical the world gets, we will be humans as long as we feel for others"-
In connection with our on-going unit “Celebrations”, students of pp2F celebrated Nia’s Father Birthday, though Skype from Newton campus to USA on 7th August. The class connected and wished him with birthday songs. We would like to thank Mr and Mrs Shubra Gaurav for making our day wonderful and enlightened.
Sharing  the feedback from PP2F parents in connection with Skype session.
Dear Ma'am,
 I would like to Thank you for giving us the amazing opportunity to interact with the kids today. It started off as ,what seemed to me, a jovial mention by Nia but it was you and Shireen Ma'am, who recognized that her childish idea has merit and can be used for learning. 
It was heartwarming to spend time with children. The cleanup time, circle time, prayer, rhymes, music and kid's naughtiness transported me , as well, to my childhood. Mom talking to kids about the birthday celebrations would not have been possible without your help. You immediately came to my rescue by initiating conversation when I appeared to fall short of ideas.  This extraordinary ability  keeps children engaged in all circumstances is a distinguishing and salute worthy quality in you teachers.
Thank you so much Ma'am for your efforts to enable the interaction between us and the students. I wish I could have spent more time in the class, but office commitments had to be taken care and I had to limit the time.
This session today was a learning opportunity for me on how to prepare better for any interaction with students. Your presence and help made it a memorable experience. Ma'am, I look forward to spending more time with the class again as paraprofessional whenever the program starts. I would also love to be part of more such class activities as and when any opportunity appears.
Thanks again to you and Shireen Ma'am for giving us the amazing opportunity.
                                                                                Thanks, Shubra Gaurav (Mother of Nia PP2F)

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