Saturday, August 2, 2014

Library Reading Program

In connection with the RSEP program, students are being initiated into the habit of reading.  In addition to what they do in the English classes, the library periods are also being utilized to inculcate good reading habits in students. 
Students take turns to read books aloud to their fellow students during their library periods.  Through this exposure, students read and listen to the rich language, enhance their vocabulary, improve their attention span and also increase their appetite for reading.

Peer assessment of the readers is also being encouraged as it helps in involving them in critical reflection.  The areas that were judged by the listeners were pronunciation, audibility, voice modulation etc. 
IX CBSE had engaged themselves in the reading activity.  Shrijeet from Grade IX C was chosen as the reader for the day.  The book chosen was Robinson Crusoe.  After the activity, students gave positive feedback, and gave suggestions on areas that they felt could be improved upon. 
  From Grade IX A Meghana and Bindu was chosen as the reader for the day and they read stories from the book “How I taught my grandmother to read and other stories “by Sudha Murthy. There was the comment by the student that it was a great experience to read a book with expressions for peers and they really enjoy it.


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