Monday, August 4, 2014

Learning numerals the Roman way!

Students of IV A were involved in a game using toothpicks to depict the Roman Numerals. 
The children felt challenged to design the numerals when given only limited tooth picks; where each group had to arrange the Roman numeral with only 3 toothpicks which made them come up with different numerals like III, IV, VI, IX and XI. Then we increased the number of sticks and came up with other numerals as well.
The game helped the children to improve their logical skills as by replacing or adding a few more sticks every time leads to new roman numerals!
Their understanding of the numerals was displayed in the chart. Later, kids wrote synopsis in the notebook related to the main roman numerals and its rules.
This proves, if hands-on experience is provided to the students, they understand the concepts well. Kids had fun doing it!


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