Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Know your Body - Grade IIIA

Grade 3A of the Einstein campus went on a field trip to Dr Kiran’s Clinic in connection with our on-going POI unit “Human Body Systems”. 
Dr Lavanya, one of our grade 4A parents helped us explaining in detail about different body systems through a PPT and also the impact of lifestyle choices on the human body systems. The session was quite interactive and the children were excited to listen to the heart beat through a stethoscope. Children had a very good exposure to the functions of various body systems.  
We also got a chance to meet a dietitian and got to know the best choices about the food that keep us healthy. 
We thank Dr Lavanya and her team for the support they had given.
Back in the class, there was also a wrap up activity wherein children gave a wonderful reflection on the session.


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