Monday, August 18, 2014

Independence Day celebrations @ Einstein campus

It is that time of the year when we feel the patriotic fervor all around us. It is that time, when our hearts swell with pride, remembering the sacrifices and the hardships undergone by our forefathers fighting for freedom. It is that time, when all Indians at least once, feel proud to be born an Indian.
The school has been observing Proud to be an Indian Week at the school for two years and this year is no exception. Proud to be an Indian week started from 11th August which will culminate on 15th August with the Independence Day celebrations.
A grand cultural show was put up by the students of the senior school in which they presented dances and a skit.
Mr. Srinivas Garimmalla was the chief guest for the occasion. He spoke about chasing the dreams, even if it may seem insignificant to another.
The event was presided by director Mr. Manas Singh, Principal Ms. Jyothi Reddy and admin head Mr. Prasad. They spoke about the contributions we can do for the country in our own way to make the country proud.

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