Thursday, August 28, 2014

Guest Lecture on Hydroelectricity

In context with our ongoing unit of inquiry “Forms of Energy”, we had a guest lecture by Ms Sushmita Sharma on 25th August. Ms Sharma has done her Bachelor’s degree (B. Tech) in electronics and power and since then she has been working on the “Information Technology”. At present, she is working as a Project Engineer with a reputed company in the city.
We had an exciting inquiry based discussion as she started the session with a provocation on how the things work. She then explained in detail the use of Hydroelectricity in various ways using a Power Point  presentation. The kids were totally excited and showered her with lot many questions. Some of the questions that were asked are:
Pranav: What is potential energy?
Divyesh: What is a ‘head point’?
Kaushal: How do the turbines move?
Mishka: What is a generator?
Aneesh Y: What is kinetic energy?
We would like to thank our parent Ms. Sushmita Sharma for an amazing session. And would also like to appreciate her diligence in answering the queries raised by the children.
Later, the children presented their reflection on the learning outcome of the session.
Sushmita’s reflection: The kids were very enthusiastic and showed great interest in learning the concepts of Hydroelectricity and power generation. They were very inquisitive and tried to acquire as much knowledge as they could. Their quick witted reply to the concerns raised about the future of energy generation gave a hope while at the same time amused me. I enjoyed the lecture as much as they did.


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