Saturday, August 30, 2014

Budding Author - Grade IIIA

What joy can be more for a teacher than to see her ward spreading her wings to fly high! I am proud to share one such instance in my class with a girl named Zara who wrote an amazing  article on' Migrating birds'. The article was a result of her finding on our Unit of Inquiry 'Do only Humans Migrate?'
Do you think that only humans migrate? Well,you are wrong, even birds do.
Why birds migrate?
Birds migrate because it gets too cold. So when it gets cold food becomes scarce. Trees loose all of its leaves and the birds have no place to make a nest.
Why do birds fly in a v shape?
Birds fly in a “V”shape because they take turns protecting each other from the wind. The birds fly like that because the wind is very very strong for them so the bird in front has to fly harder and the one in the back gets a rest. And that is why birds fly in a “V” shape. They take turns flying in the front.

How do birds navigate?

Birds travel thousands of miles every year. Many birds travel seeing stars, using sense of smell and availability of food. Now, is that not amazing?    - Zara (Class 3A)




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