Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A visit to the Craft Village!

Grade IA students had an opportunity to visit Shilparaman, the craft village, in connection to our Unit of Inquiry "Stories can engage people and communicate meaning".  
As the name suggests, there was a wide variety of crafts including different types of dolls made of iron, clay, images and statutes of different expressions which are used to present stories. 
The children also learnt that stories can also be expressed in the form of painting. They also watched the art of pottery. They also came to know that we can also make toys using the clay which they can use to narrate their stories.
They also saw the statue of Mother Teresa.
Deekshita:  She is a lady.
Nilesh:  She is looking like mom.
Lakshit: She is a risk-taker.
Hrithik:  She is knowledgeable
Ishaan:  She is principled.
Tejaswini:  Her stories are real stories so those stories are non-fiction stories.
Reflection on the trip:
The trip to Shilparamam helped the children to be open-minded and creative!

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