Saturday, August 30, 2014

A trip to St. Teresa’s !!!

In connection with our unit of inquiry-Homes (Grade I A) and CAS activity (Grade IIA), students of Oakridge visited St. Teresa's Orphanage.  
The journey started off with an excitement to meet the inmates of St. Teresa’s. Much to their excitement, our students were received with a warm welcome by the children in the home with a beautiful rendition of a song. We all had a tour of the Home and was amazed by the disciplined life they lead.
The students in both the grades experienced the joy of sharing by giving away their toys, books, clothing and food items to the children of the Orphanage. In return, our students carried back fond memories of the time spent by playing and interacting with the children living in the Home.
The visit proved that home is a place where your heart is!



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