Monday, August 4, 2014

A trip to the Bhalotia’s!

As a part of our learning on the unit ‘Similarities and differences between people’, children of PP1 A went on a field trip to discover more on the topic.
The trip to the residence of Samiksha, a Grade 4A student, indeed, proved to be an exciting one as the members of the Bhalotia’s family extended a very warm welcome and were very hospitable.
As they enthusiastically shared pictures of their wedding with us, the children excitements connected to the similar celebrations that had taken place in their respective families and also the differences in the way of celebrating the same.
After an amazing time spent with the Bhalotias, the children entertained the hosts by singing the rhyme ‘Daddy finger where are you’ and happily departed from the house with lots of goodies.





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