Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Puppet Show!

Grade IA kids had a story telling session using puppets.  Mr Ramesh, our drama teacher, narrated a wonderful story using puppets.
He explained the kids that how stories can be created and also be presented using puppets. The story titled "The House of Ozone" was a story about two families wherein one family lived in the forest where there was greenery and the other was a cyber-family who lived in a city. The cyber family was cutting down the forest to make their lives comfortable. The cyber people later realized that cutting down the forest decreases rainfall and causes many other problems in the environment.
The story not only entertained the children, but also made them creative thinkers and be reflective as to how we could protect our environment with our responsible actions.
Students’ Reflection:
Lakshit:  We should not cut the trees.
Crush:  We should save trees.  
Dekshitha:  The cyber family also should not cut the trees.  
Tejaswini:  Trees give us air and wood.
After the session, children, even tried to create their own story using puppets!


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