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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Budding Author - Grade IIIA

What joy can be more for a teacher than to see her ward spreading her wings to fly high! I am proud to share one such instance in my class with a girl named Zara who wrote an amazing  article on' Migrating birds'. The article was a result of her finding on our Unit of Inquiry 'Do only Humans Migrate?'
Do you think that only humans migrate? Well,you are wrong, even birds do.
Why birds migrate?
Birds migrate because it gets too cold. So when it gets cold food becomes scarce. Trees loose all of its leaves and the birds have no place to make a nest.
Why do birds fly in a v shape?
Birds fly in a “V”shape because they take turns protecting each other from the wind. The birds fly like that because the wind is very very strong for them so the bird in front has to fly harder and the one in the back gets a rest. And that is why birds fly in a “V” shape. They take turns flying in the front.

How do birds navigate?

Birds travel thousands of miles every year. Many birds travel seeing stars, using sense of smell and availability of food. Now, is that not amazing?    - Zara (Class 3A)



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A trip to St. Teresa’s !!!

In connection with our unit of inquiry-Homes (Grade I A) and CAS activity (Grade IIA), students of Oakridge visited St. Teresa's Orphanage.  
The journey started off with an excitement to meet the inmates of St. Teresa’s. Much to their excitement, our students were received with a warm welcome by the children in the home with a beautiful rendition of a song. We all had a tour of the Home and was amazed by the disciplined life they lead.
The students in both the grades experienced the joy of sharing by giving away their toys, books, clothing and food items to the children of the Orphanage. In return, our students carried back fond memories of the time spent by playing and interacting with the children living in the Home.
The visit proved that home is a place where your heart is!


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During our inquiry session, we went to a Cloth House as our kids are learning about weather. It was an awesome first-hand experience for students to learn about different types of clothes .Proud moment was that children were sharing their knowledge –They told about different types of clothes, as we wear cotton clothes when we feel hot in summers .Other amazing thing was that when the shopkeeper showed them woollen sweater and woollen cloth –Suddenly children said –This we wear in winter season when we feel cold.  Shop Keeper also showed them party dresses.-Children said: it is a Birthday dress. That Moment was Wow! How children were Inquiring and sharing their Knowledge   . All the students were thrilled to get that first-hand experience. No text book can give them this type of exposure which one can get from a real life. 

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Sharing and Caring

Children are always happy because they don’t have a file in their minds called “All the things that could go wrong”. They live their life as it is, each day and every day. Such are the children at the orphanage who are living their lives without their parents. They don’t understand the meaning of family, though the sisters at the Home provide unconditional love and care.
To put a smile on their face and to add a little spark of happiness PP1 kids visited “Mother Teresa Home”. Kids were so curious about the visit that on their way they kept on asking,” Where are we going? Who are we going to meet there?” Oh! They all are true inquirers.
The moment we reached there, they all were so happy. They treated the orphan kids as their friends. They greet them and played with them. As a token of love and care they gifted some toys to the kids living at the Home. With this they all showed their caring profile. As a part of the reflection they took an oath that on their birthdays they will donate something to the orphanage.

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Guest Lecture

This was the greatest  experience with Mrs Poonam Angihotri ( M.A. French). On Monday. It was all about French, for French and from French. Students of grade I, II and III  gather together to taste the French with someone who magically taught them moral with a sweet story in a simple way. The story name was: Les Quatre Amis (The four friends). And not the least she explained how to greet the other person in french. Students really enjoyed this session.

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Guest Lecture on Hydroelectricity

In context with our ongoing unit of inquiry “Forms of Energy”, we had a guest lecture by Ms Sushmita Sharma on 25th August. Ms Sharma has done her Bachelor’s degree (B. Tech) in electronics and power and since then she has been working on the “Information Technology”. At present, she is working as a Project Engineer with a reputed company in the city.
We had an exciting inquiry based discussion as she started the session with a provocation on how the things work. She then explained in detail the use of Hydroelectricity in various ways using a Power Point  presentation. The kids were totally excited and showered her with lot many questions. Some of the questions that were asked are:
Pranav: What is potential energy?
Divyesh: What is a ‘head point’?
Kaushal: How do the turbines move?
Mishka: What is a generator?
Aneesh Y: What is kinetic energy?
We would like to thank our parent Ms. Sushmita Sharma for an amazing session. And would also like to appreciate her diligence in answering the queries raised by the children.
Later, the children presented their reflection on the learning outcome of the session.
Sushmita’s reflection: The kids were very enthusiastic and showed great interest in learning the concepts of Hydroelectricity and power generation. They were very inquisitive and tried to acquire as much knowledge as they could. Their quick witted reply to the concerns raised about the future of energy generation gave a hope while at the same time amused me. I enjoyed the lecture as much as they did.

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Fun with Factors and Magic with Multiples

In connection with the topic Divisions in Math, students of grade 4 A had hands on follow up activities on factors and multiples.
Initially the students as a part of provocation were involved in a game where they had to group themselves according to the numbers flashed, by which they understood how many groups were formed with a given number.
Later, students were given the counters and were asked to arrange them in different rectangular or square patterns with necessary guidelines. The challenge was to arrange those counters in equal columns and rows. 
The understanding of the concept and the presentations of the readings were wonderfully written and maintained in the respective notebook of the students; and carried forward with a colorful presentation on a chart!

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Bus Stop Activity – Identify the punctuation marks and define each of them.
Our teacher organized “BUS STOP ACTIVITY” for us in Grade IV A. The activity was basically aimed at,
·        Understanding and Exploring the “Concept of Punctuation”.

·        Communicating and comparing the rules of various “Punctuation Marks”.
We were grouped together into seven different GROUPS. Each GROUP was required to write down the various rules of the allotted “Punctuation Mark”, (with examples) on the chart. Once all the GROUPS have completed this, the GROUPS were required to shift places with their adjacent GROUP. The GROUPS were then asked to critically analyze and comment on the chart prepared by other GROUP.
Upon completion of the above TASK, the comments of each GROUP were assessed. Our students participated actively throughout the various stages of this exercise. The task which involved commenting on the chart of other GROUP developed us as a critical thinker.
I loved the activity very much and we learnt a lot by sharing with everyone.
Raivath Mallela -4 A


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Yummy yummy for my tummy !!!

It’s obvious that yummy food attracts everyone and especially kids. As we all know that kids are very choosy about their favorite food and this was a great opportunity for grade 1 B students to talk about their favorite food during the unit food.
Students were not only eager to talk about their favorite food, but also they carried it with them to show to their classmates. During their talk, they haven't only explained why they like the food and its taste, but also explained the type of food (healthy/ junk), the content of the food that is proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates and energy.
It is always pleasure to see kids talking about the given topic with a lot of interest and energy.

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Family introduction by students of 1 B

We all love kids, but when they are on the stage to present their thoughts they are amazing and outstanding!!
Grade 1 B students performed superbly when they introduced their families to the classmates with a family photograph. Each student started with the greeting followed by their own introduction, a number of members in the family, type of their family (joint or nuclear), the name and occupation of each member and the fun time they spend with family.
Each student presented his/her talk so beautifully that it was surprising to hear them. Being their class teacher I am really proud of my little angels.

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