Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The story of a guest lecture!

The children of Grade IA had a very interesting guest lecture by Ms. Agnija who is from Europe! As our on-going topic is about stories, Ms Agnija presented us with two wonderful stories.
The first one being a story on "Family Relationship"-where a son carries his father on the stretcher to leave him in the forest as he became old and useless. The grandchild observes all this and asks the father after leaving the grandpa in the forest, "Dad shall I carry this stretcher back with us?" as it will be useful to me to carry you to the forest when you become old.  This made him realize the fact of life.
Moral of the story with the kids:
Hrithik:  We should not leave our grandparents.
Lakshit:  My grandparents are kind.
Brithi:  You should not leave your grandparents alone.
The other story was "Two Cousins-Lily and Suzy", wherein kids compared the characters Lily and Suzy and could identify the differences and similarities between them.
Moral of the story of kids:
Hrithik:  We should work and get money.
Nilesh: We should not be greedy.
Throughout the session, the children were listening attentively and in fact shared their feelings with her.  Overall, the session was interactive and interesting.
At the end of the session, we expressed our pleasure  by giving Ms. Agnija a ‘thank you’ card.


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