Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Skype with Mr. John David Anderson from US.

Grade IA had the privilege of interacting with Mr. John David Anderson, an author living in the US. He explained the elements of stories, the importance of those elements, how stories are created and shared. Some of his works are Standard Hero Behavior, Sidekicked and The soon-to-land Minion.
Children's curiosity could be seen in the questions they asked:
Ishaan-Are you an author?
Krishv-How many books did you write?
Bhriti-How stories can be made funny?
Hrithik-Do all the stories have conflict in them?  If so, what is the conflict in the story "The Thirsty Crow."
Nilesh-Do your stories have all the elements in them?
Dekshita- Where do you live?
Tejeswini-How does the story start?
Jushang-How does the story end?
The children liked the session very much as he was talking to them in a very friendly manner. At the end Mr. John expressed that he had fun with the kids.


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