Saturday, July 5, 2014

Positive Bus Drill Program

Safe and Healthy school include buses. Having a safe bus ride is the right of the student.  To ensure the safety and security of the child, the school has undertaken an initiative called Positive Bus Drill Program wherein the teams consisting of our Student Advisor and the Deputy Coordinators with the support of transport team are conducting peaceful bus ride awareness to the students travelling in the bus. This is being done for the students travelling in all the routes prioritizing buses with maximum issues.
As part of this initiative, the team has also undertaken training in the security personnel in soft skills development, while dealing with the students in all the bus routes.
We conducted a pilot bus drill in B1 where the student advisor herself accompanied the bus to assess areas of concern. She introduced to the students travelling in the bus the 2 senior school Student Bus In charges. Together they spoke with the children about bus rules, a chart with positive scoring associated with red dot as a motivational strategy for young travelers, rearrangement of seating for students and details of Best Bus Award to encourage positivity and fun in bus journey.
We would be doing a similar Drill for the remaining routes to ensure there are minimal issues of concerns in the bus.

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  1. well done keep it up !

  2. Good initiative. Way to go !

  3. Good initiative!! Buses are not up to the mark as Bus No 22 looks good but internally has so many problems. ACs not working properly, door stopper is broken i saw the Lady helper struggling to hold the door and to help the little kids to get down. Hope for good!!

  4. Good initiative in the right direction. Have been hearing of issues being faced by younger students especially since last year & have been reaching out to coordinators for intervention. Hope this helps resolve the issues & makes it a positive experience for all

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