Tuesday, July 8, 2014

MUN orientation at Einstein

Students from VIII to XI had an interactive session by MUN café, on MUN in general and particularly about the upcoming MUN sessions at China.
Students were briefed about the benefits of participating in such forums and were shown some interesting videos about the happenings around the world. Students participated with rapt attention and posed several questions.
MUN Café is a global learning platform for Model UN enthusiasts across the world. At MUN Café, aims to provide a perfect platform for students to deliberate and discuss pressing global issues while they develop themselves as rounded and conscious individuals with a powerful skill-set to lead the World in future. The MUN Café provides the best opportunities and resources from around the world to students interested in Model United Nations.
The session aimed at creating interest among students to explore, find out, research, debate and analyze on various world issues and train them to think like adults in crisis situations.



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