Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Greet Week

Einstein campus initiated this week a very interesting activity called “GREET WEEK” for the whole school. GREET WEEK is being organized by the students of HYGIENE Committees of the student council. The HYGIENE COMMITTEE has put in a lot of efforts in coordinating the event by making a very colorful banner to welcome the school community and visitors visiting the campus. Students organized handmade bookmarks made by volunteers with tag “PLEASE INSIST STUDENTS TO GREET EVERYONE EVERYDAY”, posters on GOOD MANNERS. We are also playing GREETING VIDEOS in the bushes during the home time. Students speak about the event in the assembly with a talk by a senior school student and a pledge. Teachers were requested to spend a few minutes in the class to talk about the event which needs to be continued. It was very heartening to see the support and enthusiasm we got when we saw students, teachers and others in the school wishing each other in the morning as soon as they reached the school. This event is going to continue for a week with a hope to make GREETING CULTURE a continued practice at school.
Icing on the cake was the feedback given by the parent of a student (Joe of 6 C) who joined us just a week ago from Trivandrum. She was observing the GREET WEEK CELEBRATION in the morning and gave us a very warm compliment about how different the school is and the welcoming feeling she felt as a parent.

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