Friday, July 25, 2014

Cross-cultural Interaction!

No matter where you are in place and time, you can be the one who you are, if you have a healthy lifestyle!
To prove this, Grade II A had an exciting interaction with Kyra and her family who joined us on Skype from Switzerland. As a part of our on-going topic in UOI on 'Making balanced choices in daily routine leads to a healthy lifestyle', our class children interacted with Kyra and her family and inquired about their food habits, daily routines. 
The kids werintrigued by the warm conversation we had and also were amazed at the effort taken by Kyra in her daily routine to lead a healthy lifestyle. The children asked various questions as to her food habits and exercising to which Kyra's mom amiably explained as to how she plans the menu for her family and how exercising and playing too helps them stay fit!
In all, the children had a lovely experience conversing with Kyra and were reflective! 


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