Thursday, July 10, 2014

ASK Talks 2014-15

ASK-Talks is an unique program  developed by the Einstein campus focusing on the 3 components based on ATTITUDE, SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE which plays an important role in a student’s overall development. It is an effort to make students become aware of various career options available and the guidance to develop Positive Attitude, Skills and Knowledge required pursuing the career. As part of this program, we invite people from different fields who have taken up challenging roles as part of their career.

To make ASK-Talks very interesting and interactive, we invite parents and Guest speakers as our panelists through a forum where they talk to our students on the career that they have chosen, options that are available,preparation that they had to do to become successful. The focus of ASK-Talks this year is to introduce students to few careers such as Management studies, Defence forces and Pharma industry.

As part of phase 1 ASK-Talks 2014-15, we planned a session on Defence force .Our students have been working actively with many NGOs for children as part of their community service activities. This time we introduced them to a very unique organization which is comprised of civilians who are strong supporters of Indian army and work as members to sensitize the public to know the heroes of army, and life of a soldier during the war time.
We invited volunteers of an organization called Citizen for Forces (C4F) to speak to our students of senior school as part of Career guidance and an awareness program on 9th of July 2014 in our school for an hour.
The group believes that to inspire a child to take up a career, lot of awareness and basic knowledge should be given. Career in Defence requires dedication, intelligence and passion for serving selflessly. As an initial phase the group focused on sensitizing the students in the age group from 12-15 years old, the value for their country, value the comforts they are enjoying at the cost of Jawans who have laid their lives for the country. The next phase focuses on pursuing career with Indian Army through an interaction program with Army officers invited by the group.

The session involved war statistics of loss of lives, details of war heroes and few motivating onsite videos captured by the C4F group who accompanied the soldiers at the Kargil war sight. The students were found spellbound with their talk and videos.
We were very happy to see a group of 10 students, all of them from Hitam college of Engineering working as members of the organization, sporting their organization T-shirt, logo and passion for doing something for so many soldiers who are unknown to us but still safeguarding our country from enemies.

The session ended with all the students saluting the people who lost their lives during the war.




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