Wednesday, July 30, 2014

An interactive guest lecture!

Grade 3A had a guest lecture by Ms.  Bhagya, one of the faculties in Einstein, on our ongoing unit “Migration”. The guest lecture was planned after a brainstorming session we had in the class of 'how to locate the places'.
Ms. Bhagya started the session with a beautiful inquiry. She just rotated the bangle on the table and asked the students to reflect on the same. This is how our Einsteins answered!
Aadi – Axis
Kayan – It looks like earth rotating with super speed.
Sohina – Longitudes and latitudes
Varun – we are going to talk about grids.
She then enlightened the children with her engaging and interactive lecture on Longitudes and Latitudes. The entire class was lively with the children answering the questions and inquiring more on the subject. The guest lecture ended with a wonderful game on locating places. Grade IIIA is thankful to Ms. Bhagya for giving her valuable time and making the class more interesting and yes, now Grade III A has become more knowledgeable!

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