Thursday, July 10, 2014

Adolescence – Help children evolve in a right way

‘Going further in Grade 5 A’
Think of your first reaction. Does it provoke you to think in many different ways? Imagine what goes into our children’s mind while they embark onto these physical, social and emotional changes.
To seed this thought and channelize that efficiently in our children’s mind, we had a privilege of having Ms. Malini (Senior school biology facilitator) and Ms. Mythili (student advisor) spend time with students of Grade 5A. They sensitized children to differentiate good company verses bad; good touch verses bad; and internalize their gender and help them feel proud and confident with themselves.
Student’s reflections: It was a nice session and we want to thank Malini mam and Mythili mam for guiding us to our future. We had a great experience.



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  1. gr8 initiative, much needed and valued ! well done and keep up the good work !

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