Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A visit to Kaleidoscope!

The most technologically efficient machine that man has ever invented is the book.
-Northrop Frye.
Grade IA had the opportunity to visit ‘Kaleidoscope’ which, true to its name, was a very colorful library and has varied collection of books for the children to read!
We visited the place to learn about "Elements of Stories" and "Creating and Expressing Stories in different ways"-Puppets, oral presentation using pictures. The story "A Crow and the Snake" was a visual treat for all of us as it was presented in the form of a puppet show. Children came to know that stories evoke and convey feelings and emotions.
Thanks to Mr Raju, who made the children enthusiastically participate in puppet making.  It was a lovely experience for kids as they learnt to make a sock puppet and create their own story.
In all, children experienced the art of storytelling and loved making their own puppet. 
Children’s’ reflection after the story:
Hrithik:  Snake is not good.
Nilesh:  Crow is clever.
Krishv:  I don’t like the snake.
Children’s reflection on the field trip:
Hrithik:  I loved it.
Brithi:  I will scare my mom with the snake puppet which I made in Kaleidoscope.


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