Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A 'balanced' travel!!

It’s never enough of knowing more on people’s effort to make balanced choices to live a healthy lifestyle!
One such opportunity has been given to Grade II A on 28th July, by Ms Agnija from Latvia, Europe, who is, apart from being a writer and traveler, worked in Oakridge, Einstein as an intern.
The session was quite interactive as Ms Agnija first started by asking the children on how to make balanced choices on food habits. The children answered her in full enthusiasm about their understanding of healthy and unhealthy food and how they are trying to take less ‘junk’ food in their diet.
Ms Agnija later continued to discuss on how reducing the use of plastic bags while shopping could also result in making balanced choice. Then the session went to discuss about the exercise regime that she follows, how she makes sure to stay balanced irrespective of her extensive travelling.
Ms Agnija suggested the children to include more milk products in their daily diet as it helps them to stay strong and to include less of sweets and oily food.
Ms Agnija’s reflection: It was my pleasure to be with the Grade 2 students and discuss healthy lifestyle. I like the way kids interacted and also I got an impression that they are already very smart and are willing to lead a healthy life, making balanced choices in food, exercise and other life habits! 


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