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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Noun Scavenger Hunt!

Ever felt excited going on a hunt! Well, come and ask our 2nd graders and you will know all about the excitement!!
Grade II A went on a noun hunt around the school. The places, people and the things they were seeing every day have suddenly become 'nouns' today! They were so proud that they could find and identify so many different nouns around the school.
The hunt for the nouns has indeed turned out to be a hunt for their knowledge! And who said learning can happen only in a classroom!

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World of Shapes

Shapes are all around us. Learning shapes can be so much fun when we relate it to our surroundings. In our Nursery class, we used the shape circle to make penguins. The children were thrilled to see how a plain old circle created such a wonderful craft.  Not only were the children able to count and paste the circles but they also explained the process to others about how they made the penguins using the cut outs of circles!

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Indian Family

PP2A children of PYP from Einstein campus went on a field trip to a joint family house and had a fabulous time spent with them in connection to our UOI topic "Family and Friends". Some of the children interviewed on different questions to the members of the house and the children were served snacks and they sang a few songs on family. Learners were sharing the family pictures and were shown the similarities and differences in the family and their roles. Learners had a great fun.Thank you so much and we appreciate  each member of the family for the hospitality showed for our children.

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Knowing About Knowing

This was a pre-assessment to test the prior knowledge of kids before we started the new topic about sense organs. II B got busy as the kids were grouped and given a triangle of KWL and each team had to write what they Know; what they Want to know; and what they Learnt. The kids were excited to fill in the information.  Interesting part of the task was the questions they had in the ‘Want to know the space.’  Some of them were:
“Why do we have two eyes, two ears, but one nose and one mouth?”
“How can skin helps us to know rough, smooth, hot or cold?”
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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A 'balanced' travel!!

It’s never enough of knowing more on people’s effort to make balanced choices to live a healthy lifestyle!
One such opportunity has been given to Grade II A on 28th July, by Ms Agnija from Latvia, Europe, who is, apart from being a writer and traveler, worked in Oakridge, Einstein as an intern.
The session was quite interactive as Ms Agnija first started by asking the children on how to make balanced choices on food habits. The children answered her in full enthusiasm about their understanding of healthy and unhealthy food and how they are trying to take less ‘junk’ food in their diet.
Ms Agnija later continued to discuss on how reducing the use of plastic bags while shopping could also result in making balanced choice. Then the session went to discuss about the exercise regime that she follows, how she makes sure to stay balanced irrespective of her extensive travelling.
Ms Agnija suggested the children to include more milk products in their daily diet as it helps them to stay strong and to include less of sweets and oily food.
Ms Agnija’s reflection: It was my pleasure to be with the Grade 2 students and discuss healthy lifestyle. I like the way kids interacted and also I got an impression that they are already very smart and are willing to lead a healthy life, making balanced choices in food, exercise and other life habits! 

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Story of a Family

Ms. Saumya, the deputy coordinator from Einstein, shared the wonderful pictures of RoyChowdhury family in connection to the UOI topic “Family and Friends” to the children of PP 2 A. She shared her family members as how they spend time on weekends. They go out and have lots of fun and spend time shopping with their family members. Learners shared their views as “we go to the shopping mall with our family and we play in the park”. After a wonderful interactive session, she told a story of two friends and learners enjoyed the session. We, appreciate Ms. Saumya for taking time to make our inquiry more interesting! Indeed, thank you Saumya.


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Gracias Ms. Citlali!

Ms. Citlali, our Spanish teacher from Einstein, presented a beautiful series of her family pictures in connection to the UOI topic “Family and Friends” to the children of PP 2 A. She shared her experiences on how her family used to celebrate and spend time with each other in Mexico. Learners shared their views as “we go to shopping mall with the family”. After a wonderful interactive session, she introduced a new Spanish word ‘gracias’, which means thank you. We, appreciate Ms. Citlali for taking time to make our inquiry more interesting! Indeed, Gracias Ms. Citlali!

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A visit to Kaleidoscope!

The most technologically efficient machine that man has ever invented is the book.
-Northrop Frye.
Grade IA had the opportunity to visit ‘Kaleidoscope’ which, true to its name, was a very colorful library and has varied collection of books for the children to read!
We visited the place to learn about "Elements of Stories" and "Creating and Expressing Stories in different ways"-Puppets, oral presentation using pictures. The story "A Crow and the Snake" was a visual treat for all of us as it was presented in the form of a puppet show. Children came to know that stories evoke and convey feelings and emotions.
Thanks to Mr Raju, who made the children enthusiastically participate in puppet making.  It was a lovely experience for kids as they learnt to make a sock puppet and create their own story.
In all, children experienced the art of storytelling and loved making their own puppet. 
Children’s’ reflection after the story:
Hrithik:  Snake is not good.
Nilesh:  Crow is clever.
Krishv:  I don’t like the snake.
Children’s reflection on the field trip:
Hrithik:  I loved it.
Brithi:  I will scare my mom with the snake puppet which I made in Kaleidoscope.


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Story dancing!

Grade IA kids know that stories can be created and shared in different forms. To enhance their understanding  further, Ms Ashwini showed them how stories can be expressed through dance on 23 July.  
She, in fact, made them dance on the story’ Power of Hanuman’ which children greatly enjoyed and learnt that dancing is also is one of the methods by which the stories can be told!
Reflection on story by kids:
Hanuman's tail was not burnt, instead Hanuman burnt the properties of Ravana and reduced them to ashes.
Reflection on session:
Sreekar:  It was interesting.
Hrithik:  I felt happy with the way we expressed the story-in the form of dance.

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The story of a guest lecture!

The children of Grade IA had a very interesting guest lecture by Ms. Agnija who is from Europe! As our on-going topic is about stories, Ms Agnija presented us with two wonderful stories.
The first one being a story on "Family Relationship"-where a son carries his father on the stretcher to leave him in the forest as he became old and useless. The grandchild observes all this and asks the father after leaving the grandpa in the forest, "Dad shall I carry this stretcher back with us?" as it will be useful to me to carry you to the forest when you become old.  This made him realize the fact of life.
Moral of the story with the kids:
Hrithik:  We should not leave our grandparents.
Lakshit:  My grandparents are kind.
Brithi:  You should not leave your grandparents alone.
The other story was "Two Cousins-Lily and Suzy", wherein kids compared the characters Lily and Suzy and could identify the differences and similarities between them.
Moral of the story of kids:
Hrithik:  We should work and get money.
Nilesh: We should not be greedy.
Throughout the session, the children were listening attentively and in fact shared their feelings with her.  Overall, the session was interactive and interesting.
At the end of the session, we expressed our pleasure  by giving Ms. Agnija a ‘thank you’ card.

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