Friday, June 20, 2014

World music day celebrations @ Einstein campus

World music day is observed on the 21st of June every year all over the world. Since 21st happens to be a Saturday, Einstein campus celebrated its one day in advance on 20th. In fact the campus has been celebrating World music week starting from 16th of this month. However, today a special day as all students was enthusiastically participated in an hour long program where students of various grades presented songs and performed. 
The event started with a melodious rendition by the music sir Mr. Manoj. It was followed by a detailed description about the importance of the day and how celebrating such day is not only an opportunity to celebrate talent, but also helps one in unwinding oneself in these stressful times.

Senior school students participated enthusiastically and presented both solo and group songs. The performance of musical band comprising of X, XI and XII grades was the highlight of the program.

The event came to an end with a mob performance where the entire school joined in unison and sang an inspirational number from Lagaan.

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