Monday, June 9, 2014

A Workshop for Teachers by Counselling and SI Unit

An invite was sent across the school to attend this awareness program.
I have read poster in my son’s school which says:
The senior teachers always say that Primary teachers have not taught well
Primary teachers say that Pre-primary teachers have not taught the required skills Pre-primary teachers tell the mothers and mothers say
 “What to do if child gets its father’s genes?
Nobody is ready to take the blame. it’s a matter to  ponder upon.

 Who is responsible?
Teachers were given some case studies of different types of difficulties.
Everybody came to a conclusion “had the child been identified earlier the problem wouldn’t have come so far.”

It is the responsibility of every adult to be observant and identify the child as early as possible. Early Intervention should be our Mantra to help the child whom we feel may be is at risk.  

It was a wonderful interactive session and finally all the teachers across the school took a oath that they will see that "  NO CHILD IS LEFT BEHIND".


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