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Monday, June 30, 2014

Guest lecture on Human Body

II B had the first guest lecture for the year. We had Ms. Sunita, our school nurse who took time to educate children about the care we should take for our sense organs. This was in connection with our ongoing E.V.S. unit about Human body. It was a good interactive session where kids shared what they knew and also learnt some important information like the food habits, exercises etc. which can all make a good difference.
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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Group activity on Patterns

We started our Grade 2 learning journey with Patterns. Childrens were excited to learn and they really enjoyed it. They recognized those patterns, observed them and also extended the patterns of shapes and numbers. They participated in group activities. We divided the children into 4 groups and given A4 color papers to each group. Children developed their observation, thinking and social skill through this group activity.

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Save Tree, Save Earth

Today, we have celebrated World Environment Week on our campus.  Please find the pictures in which you can see the children participated in celebrating it and conveying the message to Save Water, Energy, Tree and Save Earth.  The event was good and encouraging everyone.

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Save the Environment Week at Einstein

Einstein campus observed World Environmental week from 23-6-14 to 27-6-14, the following activities were conducted in the school for the students from grade VI to grade X. Grade 10 students conducted an assembly in which they lay emphasis on issues related to saving Environment.

Students participated enthusiastically and participated in a painting and essay writing competitions.

In the Eco club, students wrote slogans on the same.

Junior school students made beautiful cards and bookmarks with pencil peel, and other waste material and took out a campaign in the school corridors to sensitize the students and staff as to how we can do our bit to save our environment.

Essay writing competition was conducted in regular science classes, on Wednesday 25/6/14

   Topic: 1. How to save the environment from global warming.

Painting competition- Theme for the painting: “Save Environment".  

Let’s all hope that such small steps will go a long way in protecting our planet Earth!

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Vacation in a Jar

Everyone waited for the day that the holiday specials were on and we all watched them (and then talked about them endlessly at school to discover the enjoyment, excitement and adventure they have experienced during their vacation.

We had a fun time making the holiday jar and I am going to preserve it for the entire life. (Vidhusi)

I enjoyed my vacation and I loved preparing the holiday Jar. (Srihan)

My holiday project was really exciting and enjoyed a lot while doing it (Anmol)

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A moment of pride

It will be a moment of pride for any teacher to have her student’s work published in newspaper…. and so I am. Well done Aarya!!

Aarya: When I was writing the story I was nervous whether it would be published. When I saw it published in Robin Age- children's newspaper I was flying with joy.

Link: http://www.robinage.com/wof-read-2545.htm

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Interactive and Inspiring Session @ Einstein!

 Senior school teachers at the Einstein campus had an interactive and inspiring session with Mr. Shomie Das the founder chairman of Peoplecombine Education Initiatives. Senior school teachers were truly blessed to interact with a great personality like him.

He spoke about how to be an inspiring teacher. An alumnus of The Doon School, he has served as the headmaster of The Doon School, Mayo College and Lawrence School, Sanawar. He had earlier taught in Gordonstoun School in the UK. He established the Oakridge International School in Hyderabad, Vishakhapatnam and Bengaluru. After his earlier education at The Doon School, he graduated from St. Xavier's College, of the University of Calcutta and the University of Cambridge. After working at Gordonstoun School, where he taught Prince Charles, he was principal of Mayo College from 1969 to 1974. He then became headmaster of the Lawrence School, Sanawar in 1974 and held this position until 1988.He served as headmaster of The Doon School from 1988 to 1995.

He spoke at length about the four essential points that should be kept in mind while dealing with students.

·        Firstly, to never kill the curiosity of students and encourage them to explore and estimate.

·        Secondly, to encourage them to think. There is rhythm in everything that we do and we should help students to identify and enjoy the rhythm.

·        To encourage children to learn from peers as children learn best when they are among peers.

·        And lastly, never to hurt the self-esteem of the students as it will leave a scar in their minds and hamper their growth.

It was truly an inspiring session which ended with an inspirational and motivational video about a school teacher who makes a difference to a child’s life.


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A Day in PP2 B

The day of induction  23rd June, when the parents along with the kids were invited to the class. It was fun having parents engaged in an icebreaker activity wherein they were given a task of giving their partner a catchy title and they have indeed come up with many interesting titles.

 Even kids too had great fun. We didn’t take them away from fun, we gave them tasks like mask making, basket weaving etc. and this is what they came up to show us with…

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Friday, June 20, 2014

World music day celebrations @ Einstein campus

World music day is observed on the 21st of June every year all over the world. Since 21st happens to be a Saturday, Einstein campus celebrated its one day in advance on 20th. In fact the campus has been celebrating World music week starting from 16th of this month. However, today a special day as all students was enthusiastically participated in an hour long program where students of various grades presented songs and performed. 
The event started with a melodious rendition by the music sir Mr. Manoj. It was followed by a detailed description about the importance of the day and how celebrating such day is not only an opportunity to celebrate talent, but also helps one in unwinding oneself in these stressful times.

Senior school students participated enthusiastically and presented both solo and group songs. The performance of musical band comprising of X, XI and XII grades was the highlight of the program.

The event came to an end with a mob performance where the entire school joined in unison and sang an inspirational number from Lagaan.

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