Friday, April 25, 2014

Winning Houses for 2013-14

Prize Day was also the occasion to declare the names of the winning houses in academics and activities. House points are calculated after collating all the points that the students of each house score for their participation and achievements in various activities like sports, cultural and literary events, quizzes, Chairman’s Cup, and of course class toppers and subject toppers.

All the events with the detailed list of participants are entered from the beginning of the year that is April to March in a document, which is maintained by the activity coordinator. All the points are then collated by the house masters to arrive at the winning house. It is a painstaking procedure; nevertheless, a fruitful one as at the end emerges one winning house that lifts the best house trophy in academics and activities.

The winning house for 2013-14 in activities is C. V. Raman (436 points) followed by Tagore (350 points), Amartya Sen (343 points) and Mother Teresa (283 points).

The winning house for 2013-14 in academics is Amartya Sen (272 points) followed by C. V. Raman (230 points), Mother Teresa (216 points) and Tagore (168 points).

It was a proud moment for the house masters to list the trophies along with the house captains amidst loud cheers from students of all the houses.

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